A pretty plastic-free kitchen

Plastic-free July is almost over, but the purpose of amazing campaigns like this one is that we can discover how rewarding it is to build better habits and to realise that ditching single-use plastic is not even that hard! So if you had a plastic-free goal for July and succeeded on it, when August comes, you almost won’t notice that you keep doing better, you will just feel better.

I recently worked on a project visualising data from plastics affecting the oceans. The more scientific papers I read, the more helpless and hopeless I felt. We currently have more people generating plastic waste than people or laws helping to clean up the mess, and the mess is already at tragic levels. Pretending that it’s not too bad and that it’s not affecting me seems easier than fighting the good fight. I kept doing research and kept thinking there’s no way out.

If we live far from the ocean it might be not so clear to see the impact, but it all affects us. For example, when plastics break down they ge…

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