Papaya skin chips

Zero-waste recipe of the day

The skin of papaya, as with most fruits, is usually discarder and considered waste. You'd be surprise though that it is actually a good source of protein, fibre, minerals and β-carotene contents.

There are two main reasons why we discard most fruit and vegetable peels. The first and most valid reason is when we are not growing the plan ourselves and may not fully trust that it has been contaminated with pesticides or other possibly nasty elements. The second one is simply "taste".

Whereas the first reason is valid, it is luckily not too hard these days to find certified organic options and even then, it's always a good idea to wash your fruit and vegetables well before eating them, especially if eating them raw. If you cannot find pesticide-free and harsh fertilisers-free options, a good wash (no need to exaggerate with the amount of water used of course ;) ) will leave them safe to eat.

The second option is also not that black and white…

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