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Thursday, January 3, 2019

A healthy meal to kick off 2019

We want to wish you a healthy and happy year by sharing some of our best food moments. Our first improvised recipe of the year turned out quite well, so we've decided to share it with you:

  • Aubergine with mixed spices
  • Roasted quinoa a la menta
  • Cucumbers with pomegranate sauce

Let's kick 2019 off with positive vibes!

We believe that making our world a better place starts with little personal actions, our three favorites are: to smile, respect, and eat well.

Smiling at others, including strangers, is our way to convey peace and understanding. Treating the world and all its inhabitants with respect is our way to show that equality can bring the human race a step forward (a difficult one it would seem these days, but not impossible). Eating well for us means not just eating healthy meals, but also appreciating what nature offers and minimizing the impact on our environment from our food choices. For this last purpose, we created eatups, a movement for better food choices.

We improvised our fist dinner with the leftovers from our fridge plus some local and organic ingredients. It turned out delicious and we saved the world some methane and our wallets some money.

Aubergine with mixed spices

Cut the aubergine into thin slices, spread it evenly on a tray and cover with a bit of olive oil. Add fresh rosemary leaves, thick slices of shallots, thin slices of garlic, and top with coriander seeds, thyme, and smoked pepper. Add salt and pepper.

Grill in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Roasted quinoa a la menta

Rinse the quinoa with chill water (we like mixed, preferably organic & fair-trade). Roast it in a large pan for a couple of minutes, then add water and boil until it absorbs all the water.

Move to a bowl and mix fresh mint leaves, cherry tomatoes, and spread a little bit of feta. Season with little salt and pepper.

Cucumbers with pomegranate sauce

For the sauce, simply mix everything in a blender: pomegranate, mint and a little bit of sour cream or natural yogurt (or water if you want a healthier and more environmental friendly recipe). You can add a little bit of salt and lime juice.

Cut the cucumber in thick slices and top with the fresh sauce.


There you go, a delicious healthy dinner from the bottom of our hearts. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Yes, a new way to see our food is finally out!

After many busy weekends in our new cozy home in Sydney, we've got a first Beta version of the Android app for you to try it out. We are a bit nervous as it is still in very early state but we are mostly very happy, as we have enjoyed so much making and testing it.

So Friday was celebration time for Sami and Bren, the petit Eatups team. And what could be better for Eatuppers than having a romantic dinner out at one of the most sustainable restaurants in town.

Picking Vietnamese restaurant Red Lantern for this very special Eatup was a rather easy choice. Mainly because chef Mark Jensen is so passionate about minimising the impact on our environment when it comes to food, but also because Vietnam is deep in our hearts after being our home for all of last year.

Here we are learning to cook Vietnamese in Hoi An

Shyness didn't allow us to practice our five Vietnamese words but we did use them with each other, bringing back a couple of good memories from our Saigon days. The food was really good, it might be psychological, but everything does seem to taste a lot better when it is clearly made with love... like Eatups ;)

We really hope you enjoy this first version and more and more the ones to come. And while you download the app you can go and check out our Eatup from this happy little party.

Friday, August 5, 2016

A great food story

I often can't help staring at my lovely looking breakfast, especially when eating out, and start to imagine what's the story behind every ingredient on my plate.

Everything that gets into our plates has an amazing story behind it, from the grains that went into the flour that was used to bake our bread, to the smallest grain of salt that makes it all so much tastier. If we stop for just a second before we take a bite and think of all that has made it possible, we might appreciate it more.

And once we start appreciating more everything we eat, that starts giving us incredibly positive chain effects, and we start to:

  • Be more selective with the food we eat
  • Become knowledgable about farmers and the food industry
  • Eat healthier (avoid huge portions, eat what makes us feel better)
  • Enjoy our food a lot more (When you put more attention on what you eat, it actually tastes better!)
  • And reduce food waste!

Reducing food waste is one of the main motivations behind our little project and we strongly believe that food carrying a good story can help reduce a lot of the waste. But we have to remember it is not only about eating all we can!

It's not really about eating everything that's on our plate, it's about being conscious of what and how much we put in it.

There is so much behind our food, being local or imported, fresh or packaged, seasonal or preserved... And we all need to use our personal judgement to define if one is better than the other and how our tasting side of the scale competes with our environmentally-responsible side of it. And all of this is so inspiring to us eatuppers!

So when we think about the stories behind our beautiful, delicious, functional food, we think of what makes us who we really are. Food stories carry our personal tastes, habits, and even our values. The food we eat tells so much about ourselves: who we are and who we aspire to be.

There are many factors that can make food stories more appealing, romantic, and inspiring. Things as simple as sharing a live view of the birds that lay the eggs we're having for breakfast, like Manning Valley eggs does, can add a great bit of emotion to our breakfast story, making it more enjoyable, and making us feel better when we know what kind of life that funny hen had before it laid our morning eggs.

Some food for thought, as this is something we are thinking thoroughly as part of our eatup app. We would love to hear your thoughts and we'll soon expect seeing your food stories shared through eatup as well.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Old and fluffy cucumbers' gazpacho

A waste-less recipe

This is a great way to use those fluffy cucumbers forgotten on your fridge! It's delicious and refreshing perfect for summer days!

It's super simple and quick to make

What you'll need:
2-3 cucumbers
2 garlic cloves
1 lime
100 gr of plain yogurt
1 small red paprika
salt and pepper
dried onions or bread croutons for topping

Now, the best part of this is that you don't even need to peel the cucumbers :) 
This is a reciepe of very little food waste. 

Just cut the cucumbers in three or for pieces, peel the garlic cloves. Put the cucumber and garlic in the blendder, add the yogurt and salt and pepper. Then mix it all. Add a couple of drops of lime and mix again. Put it in the fridge to cool for at least 30 mins.
Serve it cold, add fewslices of paprika and the dried onions or croutons for topping...

And enjoy with good company!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eatup recipes #1 Tamarind sauce

On our way back from Mui Ne to Saigon the other day we bought a bag of fresh tamarind from the region. It was delicious, but as it is with sour fruits, you cannot eat that much in a day and it was a big bag.

So here is what we've done with the rest of it. A fresh and yummy tamarind sauce!


  • 1 Lt of fresh tamarind (or 3/4 if it's without shell and seeds)
  • 1 table spoon of agave syrup or honey. I used hibiscus honey this time.
  • The juice of 1/2 lime 
  • 1 mild chilli (don't cut it, use the whole chilli)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • water

If you are using fresh tamarind as I do, you'll need to take the shell off. Then you should leave the tamarinds in a bowl with just enough water that covers them all. Leave them soften for a couple of hours or even one whole night so it will be easier to take the seeds out.

After the tamarind is soft, you can use your sacred clean hands to get the seeds out and at the same time make a kind of paste with the tamarind.

You may want to try out planting some of those seeds if you have a nice garden, I love tamarind trees!

When your tamarind is soft and seedless add the salt and the chilli and cook in medium heat. When it starts boiling turn down the heat and let it boil for about 15 mins or until it becomes thick, the time depends on the amount of water you used.

When it starts getting thick, add the lime juice, the honey and stir constantly until you get the desired consistency.

Take the chilli out. If you prefer the sauce without pulp, then this is the time to use a strainer, but on my opinion it is taking good part of the taste and consistency out, as well as producing unnecessary food-waste, so I'll recommend you to keep the pulp.

Let it cool and put it in jars or plastic containers if you are going to freeze some. Keep in the fridge.

Enjoy simply as jam, on top of bread, or as dressing for salads and almost any other dish you are planning to prepare these days.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Good morning world, it's Eatup day!

And here is one great video that help us explain the very main reason why Eatup day:

But also, it's just super nice to share food, to meet neighbours and people around that, like us, want to do simple things to change the world.

Happy Eatup day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Our first official
is coming!

So much good food will be rescued! 

And we have some tips for a great one:

- Take an adventure into the deepest corners of your fridge and stop right there! Don't just through it away. If it has a good smell and nothing seems to be growing on it, cook it! Google for a recipe and have a great dinner with it.

- Is there too much for yourself or for your family? Don't just put all in your plate, serve small plates and just serve again if you're still hungry. There is usually something left and we don't want to explode of overeating so, take a nice picture of it and post it in eat-up! share it in facebook, twitter, or tell your friends and neighbours.

- Bought a whole litre of milk for baking a cake and you only need 300ml? Share or exchange the rest right away!

Enjoy your food and share the rest!

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