A great food story

I often can't help staring at my lovely looking breakfast, especially when eating out, and start to imagine what's the story behind every ingredient on my plate.

Everything that gets into our plates has an amazing story behind it, from the grains that went into the flour that was used to bake our bread, to the smallest grain of salt that makes it all so much tastier. If we stop for just a second before we take a bite and think of all that has made it possible, we might appreciate it more.

And once we start appreciating more everything we eat, that starts giving us incredibly positive chain effects, and we start to:

  • Be more selective with the food we eat
  • Become knowledgable about farmers and the food industry
  • Eat healthier (avoid huge portions, eat what makes us feel better)
  • Enjoy our food a lot more (When you put more attention on what you eat, it actually tastes better!)
  • And reduce food waste!

Reducing food waste is one of the main motivations behind our little project and we strongly believe that food carrying a good story can help reduce a lot of the waste. But we have to remember it is not only about eating all we can!

It's not really about eating everything that's on our plate, it's about being conscious of what and how much we put in it.

There is so much behind our food, being local or imported, fresh or packaged, seasonal or preserved... And we all need to use our personal judgement to define if one is better than the other and how our tasting side of the scale competes with our environmentally-responsible side of it. And all of this is so inspiring to us eatuppers!

So when we think about the stories behind our beautiful, delicious, functional food, we think of what makes us who we really are. Food stories carry our personal tastes, habits, and even our values. The food we eat tells so much about ourselves: who we are and who we aspire to be.

There are many factors that can make food stories more appealing, romantic, and inspiring. Things as simple as sharing a live view of the birds that lay the eggs we're having for breakfast, like Manning Valley eggs does, can add a great bit of emotion to our breakfast story, making it more enjoyable, and making us feel better when we know what kind of life that funny hen had before it laid our morning eggs.

Some food for thought, as this is something we are thinking thoroughly as part of our eatup app. We would love to hear your thoughts and we'll soon expect seeing your food stories shared through eatup as well.