Our first official
is coming!

So much good food will be rescued! 

And we have some tips for a great one:

- Take an adventure into the deepest corners of your fridge and stop right there! Don't just through it away. If it has a good smell and nothing seems to be growing on it, cook it! Google for a recipe and have a great dinner with it.

- Is there too much for yourself or for your family? Don't just put all in your plate, serve small plates and just serve again if you're still hungry. There is usually something left and we don't want to explode of overeating so, take a nice picture of it and post it in eat-up! share it in facebook, twitter, or tell your friends and neighbours.

- Bought a whole litre of milk for baking a cake and you only need 300ml? Share or exchange the rest right away!

Enjoy your food and share the rest!

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