A healthy meal doesn't need to be complicated

I love to improvise in the kitchen!

Experimenting with recipes is great to avoid wasting food that one can easily forget lives in our fridge or kitchen cabinets. It also helps in saving money and eating healthier, but what I like the most, is the fun part of inventing, mixing, and sometimes even creating new amazing tastes.

This dinner experiment turned out to be delicious, nutritious, and quite mindful from preparation to sharing and enjoying. So we've decided to share it with you. It's super simple!

Our great dinner creation included:

  • Aubergine with mixed spices
  • Roasted quinoa a la menta
  • Cucumbers with pomegranate sauce

Cut the aubergine in thin slices so you don't need to use much oil, it also helps if you want it crispy, just leave it longer in the oven.

Aubergine with mixed spices

Cut the aubergine into thin slices, spread it evenly on a tray and cover with a bit of olive oil. Add fresh rosemary leaves, thick slices of shallots, thin slices of garlic, and top with coriander seeds, thyme, and smoked pepper. Add salt and pepper.

Grill in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Roasted quinoa a la menta

Rinse the quinoa with chill water (we like mixed, preferably organic & fair-trade). Roast it in a large pan for a couple of minutes, then add water and boil until it absorbs all the water.

Move to a bowl and mix fresh mint leaves, cherry tomatoes, and spread a little bit of feta. Season with little salt and pepper.

Cucumbers with pomegranate sauce

Creating the delicious sauce!

For the sauce, simply mix everything in a blender: pomegranate, mint and a little bit of sour cream or natural yogurt (or water if you want a healthier and more environmental friendly recipe). You can add a little bit of salt and lime juice.

Cut the cucumber in thick slices and top with the fresh sauce.

and tadá!

There you go, a delicious healthy dinner from the bottom of our hearts. Enjoy!

This amazing dinner was created from fridge leftovers plus some local and organic ingredients. It turned out delicious and we saved the world some methane and CO2, and also some money to our wallets.

We believe that making our world a better place starts with little personal actions, our three favorites are: to smile, respect, and eat well.

Smiling at others, including strangers, is our way to convey peace and understanding. Treating the world and all its inhabitants with respect is our way to show that equality can bring the human race a step forward (a difficult one it would seem these days, but not impossible). Eating well for us means not just eating healthy meals, but also appreciating what nature offers and minimizing the impact on our environment from our food choices, and that's our big motivation for creating Eatups. Thanks for being part of the mindful eatups movement :)