Yes, a new way to see our food is finally out!

After many busy weekends in our new cozy home in Sydney, we've got a first Beta version of the Android app for you to try it out. We are a bit nervous as it is still in very early state but we are mostly very happy, as we have enjoyed so much making and testing it.

So Friday was celebration time for Sami and Bren, the petit Eatups team. And what could be better for Eatuppers than having a romantic dinner out at one of the most sustainable restaurants in town.

Picking Vietnamese restaurant Red Lantern for this very special Eatup was a rather easy choice. Mainly because chef Mark Jensen is so passionate about minimising the impact on our environment when it comes to food, but also because Vietnam is deep in our hearts after being our home for all of last year.

Here we are learning to cook Vietnamese in Hoi An

Shyness didn't allow us to practice our five Vietnamese words but we did use them with each other, bringing back a couple of good memories from our Saigon days. The food was really good, it might be psychological, but everything does seem to taste a lot better when it is clearly made with love... like Eatups ;)

We really hope you enjoy this first version and more and more the ones to come. And while you download the app you can go and check out our Eatup from this happy little party.