Once upon a time...

...there was a league of food lovers around the world, who found a great way to share their extra food with awesome people by giving a huge help to the world along the way.

This is the story behind EATup.

We at EATup love food very much, we love fresh tasty food so much that we don't like wasting it. But it's not only that, and it is not the fact that our moms told us someone would starve in the world while we don't finish our meal (although starvation is for sure a big thing that we should all care about).
Why trying to reduce food waste then?

We don't want to become paranoid about waste, we cannot avoid waste (specially food waste) completely, but if we get conscious about it, we can reduce the harm A LOT!

First basic fact that will help us get conscious about it is that buying more food than needed or ordering too much at a restaurant will increase the demand of food. A large demand of food with the population surpassing the 7 billion leads us to take more land from woods and other oxygen sources to use for cultivation and farming instead. Check out how National Geographic puts it in a simple way http://www.nationalgeographic.com/foodfe…/feeding-9-billion/
Second basic fact is that food waste, mostly when it is not separated and properly composted, will generate methane gas when decomposed, which is a worse greenhouse emitter than CO2. Check this article by the NY times to learn more about this http://www.nytimes.com/…/food-waste-is-becoming-serious-eco…
So here you have a couple of reasons why we care and why we created http://www.eat-up.net/
If you share EATup's ideals please take part on this, remember to check your fridge and food storages every now and then and try giving away to your neighbors, friends, or other EAT-uppers what you won't be able to eat before it expires. And share with us your thoughts and ideas to make EATup better.
Have a lovely week,
Bren heart emoticon Sami